Monday, March 3, 2014

What is the 52 week cupcake challenge that you speak of?

Let me start off by saying I had no idea I was doing a 52 week cupcake challenge until I was already doing it. It all started with a batch of cupcakes I made to bring to a training at work...I like to bribe people with food! Everyone loved them. Then the following week I came up with an idea for a frosting with one of my friends so I found myself bringing that idea to life and thought I will bring those to work too! I live with my sister so usually anything I make rarely gets finished which is why I didn't usually bake that much. I work with a bunch of college kids though so they will eat anything I feed them! Then the next week was Valentine's Day and I couldn't NOT make a festive cupcake! Then the week after that I got an AMAZING deal on a Kitchenaid Mixer at Kohls and well I obviously had to test it out!(how I got by without one I will never know); by then I was in too deep and decided to really go crazy and turn my obsession into a 52 week cupcake challenge!

I have no idea if anyone has done this before I am sure they have. I am not coming up with all these recipes on my own either--any recipe I have used I will give full credit to the site I borrowed it from. Most of the cupcakes as a whole though come from my crazy brain! I don't really have any rules only that I will never make the same cupcake twice--unless it is completely different and I am trying to recover from an epic fail.  I will also try and mix it up a little and try to learn/ try some different things. The next few posts will be for past weeks I have already done. 

I have never done anything like this before so please be kind!  I am not claiming to be an expert and I am not trying to showcase the world's most perfect cupcakes, I am just having fun and share the recipes I use! If you have questions I will try to answer them or I can help you find the answer! 



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